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Silent Sky Massage - Keri L. Tishner - Curriculum Vitae


2010 - Present:   Certified Massage Therapist;
California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC); Cert #4638

2006 - Present:   Licensed Massage Therapist; Big Bear Lake, California


2005 - 2009:   Institute of Professional Practical Therapy (IPPT);
Los Angeles, California

  • Certificate of Completion of Massage Therapy Training Program - 120 hours

Therapeutic Stress Reduction Full-Body Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Techniques, Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Theory of Comprehensive Massage, Contradiction to Massage Therapy, and Professional Ethics

  • Certificate of Completion of Physical Therapy Aide Program - 50 hours

Comprehensive Treatment including Orthopedic Rehabilitative Massage, Utilization of Physical Therapy Equipment, and Therapeutic Exercises, and Basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • Certificate of Completion of Shiatsu A Course - 50 hours

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine including the Law of Five Elements, Yin Meridians, Nutrition, and Power Points; Full-Body Shiatsu Massage utilizing the Bladder Meridian, Stretching Techniques, and Hand & Foot Reflexology; and Shiatsu Chair Massage

  • Certificate of Completion of Sports Massage Course - 50 hours

Post-Event Rehabilitative Massage and Full Body Stretching

  • Certificate of Completion of Chiropractor Assistant Program - 130 hours

European Cranio-Sacral Therapy including Spinal Discharge, Spinal Segment Mobilization, Scapula Mobilization and Manipulation, and Manual Traction of the Hip and Cervical and Lumbar Spine

  • Certificate of Completion of Advanced Massage Seminars - 219 hours

Acupressure for Tension Headaches
Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology II
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief
Cellulite Reduction Massage
Chair Massage
Facial Massage
Utilization of Massage for Fibromyalgia
Utilization of Massage & Postisometrical Relaxation Techniques
     in Cases of Frozen Shoulder
Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy II
Knee Disorders
Lymph Drainage
Medical Massage Diagnosis and Procedures
Medical Massage in Cases of Anterior Scalene Muscle
     Syndrome (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - TOS)
Medical Massage in Cases of Cervical Spine Disorders
Medical Massage in Cases of Piriformis Muscle Syndrome
     (Sciatic Neuralgia)
Medical Massage in Cases of Vertebral Artery Syndrome
Oriental Cupping
Pregnancy Massage
Integrative Reflexology: Foot I
Sports Massage: Pre-Event Preparation
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders Treatment
Tensor Fascia Latae Muscle Syndrome
Thai Massage
12 Kneading Techniques

2005 - 2006:   Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB);
Culver City, California

  • Massage Therapist Training Courses - 102 hours

Business For Bodyworkers
CPR/First Aid
Healthy Boundaries for Bodyworkers
Human Energy Systems
Polarity I
Sensory Repatterning I

  • Continuing Education Courses - Advanced Electives - 86 hours

Craniosacral Unwinding I
Neuromuscular Re-Education I
Reflexology I - Foot Reflexology
Structural Integration Skills - Advanced Neck Techniques
Structural Integration Skills - Postural & Palpatory Analysis
Structural Integration Skills - Whiplash
Introduction to Thai Massage

2005 - 2011:   Hawaiian Temple Bodywork; Las Vegas, Nevada
Palm Springs & Agoura Hills, California

  • 2 Four Day & 1 Two Day Intensive Lomi Lomi Workshops – 80 hours

Level I & Level II Lomi Lomi, Scared Lomi, including advanced hands-on techniques on the back and front of the body, introduction to Hawaiian Shamanic Principles; Shamanic Exercises for connecting with the Healing Energies of Nature; and techniques in facilitating a Sacred Space for self and client

2005:   Southern California School of Massage (SCSM);
Riverside, California

  • Certificate of Completion of Advanced Anatomy & Physiology - 75 hours

  • Certificate of Completion of Structural Kinesiology - 50 hours

  • Certificate of Completion of Pathology - 50 hours

  • Certificate of Completion of Reiki I & II - 12 hours

1995 - 1999:   California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB);
San Bernardino, California

  • Course work towards a Masters Degree in Education:
    Instructional Technology

1991:   California State University Long Beach (CSULB);
Long Beach, California

  • Professional Clear Single Subject Art Credential,
    Supplementary Mathematics

1988:   California State University Long Beach (CSULB);
Long Beach, California

  • Bachelor of Arts in Art with Great Distinction,
    Minor Mathematics


2006 - Present:   Silent Sky Massage; Big Bear Lake, California

  • Licensed & CAMTC Certified* Massage Therapist/Owner

2005 - 2006:   Private Clientele, Southern California

  • Massage Therapist

1999 - Present:

  • 2002 - Present: Visual Arts Education Consultant

  • 1999 - Present: Web Designer

1991 - 2002:   Apple Valley Unified School District;
Apple Valley, California

  • 1999-2002: Granite Hills High School

1999-2002: Visual Arts Teacher
1999-2002: Visual Arts Department Chairperson
1999-2000: Mentor Teacher

  • 1991-1999: Apple Valley High School

1991-1999: Visual Arts Teacher
1998-1999: Mentor Teacher
1991-1992: Mathematics Teacher
1991-1992: Junior Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach

Professional Memberships:

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Honors & Awards:

Madison Who's Who of Executives and Professionals 2006-2007 Edition

International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA)

  • World Cup Standings

2006: Downhill Inline Ranked 7th
2005: Downhill Inline Ranked 6th
2004: Downhill Inline Ranked 2nd
2003: Downhill Inline Ranked 5th. Inline Slalom Ranked 4th
2002: Downhill Inline Ranked 12th. Inline Slalom Ranked 2nd

  • US Western Regional Standings

2006: Downhill Inline Ranked 7th
2005: Downhill Inline Ranked 6th
2003: Women's Downhill Inline Ranked 1st, Downhill Inline
2003: Ranked 3rd, Inline Slalom Ranked 4th
2002: Downhill Inline Ranked 6th, Inline Slalom Ranked 2nd

Hobbies & Interests:

Many aspects of art including; painting, ceramics, weaving, sewing, and web design as well as skiboarding and inline skating

*Certified 2010 - The non-profit California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) was established after Senate Bill 731 was signed into law on September 27, 2008 which became effective January 1, 2009; establishing statewide standards for massage therapist certification, with voluntary massage certification beginning September 1, 2009.

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